The Flu Hits Marist College

William Kartheiser gravesite Charles Dubray

"New Year's Day dawned without a sun, cold and rainy, portending the dismal fortnight before us."

The scholastics at Marist College enjoyed a brief Christmas break, entertaining visitors from Europe. According to a contemporary account, "Sickness crawled in, spread to a few rooms, and settled itself finally in every corner of the house." On December 27, the first symptoms appeared, and by December 30, 40 scholastics, one lay brother, and one sister were all ill. Some were sent to Providence Hospital, but most were attended by Rev. Superior Charles Dubray, SM, and the four healthy scholastics.

The morning of January 1, 1919, Brother William Kartheiser, SM, was found dead in his room, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his vows with the Society of Mary. Brother William had toiled in the wilds of Dodon, Maryland for a decade before returning to Washington, DC, where he had served for another 19 years. Rev. Joseph Thoral, SM, wrote in his diary on January 2, 1919: "Humble, hidden life. Merits of work & humility. Bro. William died Jan 1." 

Brother William's gravesite, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Washington, DC

Rev. Charles Dubray, SM