Another Victim

James Rankin and others photo

"Dead in the splendour of golden youth: dead in the promise of his dawning day."

Only a few days later, Rev. James Rankin, SM, a deacon, was anointed at Providence Hospital, where he died on the morning of January 6, 1919. The 23-year-old Rankin was a native of New Orleans who had entered Marist Seminary in 1909 with his twin brother, Daniel. In March 1918, Bishop John Gunn, SM, conferred upon him the tonsure, minor orders, and sub-diaconate. After a quiet funeral mass conducted by Father Dubray, Rankin was also buried in the Marist plot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Image: Edward Tremblay, St. Jean, James Rankin, and Dash (the collie) along the Potomac River, 1914